Big-Ticket Item

Hello Friends!!

Another week down, less than 12 to go! This past weekend Ryan and I purchased our little girl her first big items. Which was the car seat and stroller combination. Knowing that is what we wanted to buy first because honestly you never know what could happen, you most definitely need a car seat! We knew that we wanted the Chicco car seat but picking out the stroller was a little more difficult. We ended up going with the Bravo stroller, which will be perfect for us. Once we pick up the crib my dad had bought for her we will put the car seat in the actual car because as of right now it is just chilling in the living room floor! I feel as though once we do put it in the car, this dream will become more real.

Another big-ticket item we bought was a dresser and changing table topper to go along with the crib that my dad bought. I mean the little lady is going to need her diaper changed and storage for her clothes, so it only made sense for that to be the next big item. Picking out furniture was super easy for us, something we both agreed on right away, however, I wanted one type of dresser and Ryan wanted another. We did compromise and got the dresser he wanted because the changing table topper went with his dresser choice. How many of you actually use the changing table for your babies? I told Ryan it will be nice to have but, I will probably just end up changing her on the floor or bed most of the time even though the bed might not be the best choice either, haha. I just remember always changing the kids I nanny on the floor, and they were perfectly fine, so we shall see. What was the first big-ticket item you bought for your little one?

Other than that, we don’t really have to too much for her, besides a couple of outfits, little toys, and baby swaddlers. We have no diapers/wipes, bottles, diaper bag, pacifiers, and the list goes on. I feel so unprepared at this point, however, Ryan’s family is throwing us a baby shower at the beginning of June, so hopefully, by then, we will have more items. We have about two and half more months to go and I’m sure the time will just fly by, so hopefully, we can get our shit together soon.

This past week of pregnancy has felt a little bit like the first trimester all over again. I have been super tired and, staying asleep throughout the night has been challenging. The most comfortable position for me is laying on my back, however, in pregnancy, you should only sleep on your sides. I have been out of breath more quickly too which sucks. On the positive side, I went to the doctors last Tuesday and, everything went great! She said I would be a great candidate for a midwife so my next appointment is with one so, hopefully, it goes well! Has anyone had a midwife before and, how did it work out for you?

Thanks again for tuning in for another week. I hope you guys are liking my blogs or can relate to them in some way. If there is something else you guys would like me to talk about or add into each week let me know. Next week I will be discussing the third trimester and diving deeper into how I actually feel and the worries of preeclampsia. I can’t wait to hear what some of your big-ticket items were. Talk to you guys next week!

Much love!


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