Third Trimester

Hello Family and Friends!

Welcome back! I’ve been so busy and been falling behind on my blog. I apologize for being such a procrastinator these last three weeks and trust me, I’ve been hard on myself about it. Whether I have viewers or readers, I still want to hold myself accountable, so later in the years or when I have my next baby, I can go back and see what I was feeling during those particular weeks. Also, I was planning on doing a video blog instead this time, but I never got around to doing one. Plus, maybe you guys prefer to read instead of watching a video. Anyways, put that all aside, and I’ve been in my third trimester for about four weeks now, and I can feel a difference.

I am 32 weeks today!! So technically, I am in my 8th month of pregnancy. It is crazy to think that I only have eight more weeks to go. I remember when I was only eight weeks along, and I told my relatives during Christmas that I was pregnant! It was an exciting time being able to share the great news with my family. Fast forward to now, and I had my 32-week check-up appointment today with my midwife, and she says that everything is looking good. The baby is healthy and moving around just fine. She checked to make sure the baby is getting ready to be in position for birth, which is head down, and she is!

On other news, third-trimester symptoms are not fun, haha. I mean, I knew they wouldn’t be, but still. Some of my biggest complaints would be shortness of breath, sleeping, not being as flexible, and just the aches and pains. I am a short person, so I don’t know if everyone has had shortness of breath, but it sucks. Just putting my shoes on for work is a struggle now, and I feel out of breath doing it. It is a terrible feeling. I suppose that can go hand and hand with not being as flexible anymore. Although, a lot of people at work are in shock that I can bend over and still touch my toes. Now with sleeping, I can sleep throughout the night, for the most part, besides getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom. My problem is not being able to sleep on my stomach or back. Now don’t get me wrong, sleeping on the sides are fine, however, it’s just not as comfortable for me. If I could sleep on my back, I believe things would be way better, but that is not the case, unfortunately. Then you have the aches and pains of pregnancy. I work outside on my feet all day, and this heat is terrible, making it ten times worse. I come home with lower back pain, feet hurting, and some sciatic pain. They are all symptoms of pregnancy that you have to bare through.

Fortunately, my ankles haven’t swelled up yet, not too many headaches, no constipation, no spider veins, and no stretch marks! I know I still have eight more weeks to go, and I could eventually develop some of these symptoms, but I am hoping to be in the clear from them. I’ve been drinking plenty of water throughout the day, especially while working, so I know that has helped with the swelling, and possibly headaches. I eat a well-balanced diet, which helps avoid constipation. Then at night, I put almond oil on my belly, and Burts bee mommy lotion on in the mornings, which has helped prevent stretch marks, at least so far. Overall, I have been thankful that my pregnancy has gone as good as it has.

OH!! On another note, some of you know this already, but Ryan and I have named our baby girl. Her name is Teagan Roze Bendick. Teagan is an Irish name, which Ryan and I are both Irish. Then when I was little, my great grandfather on my mom’s side would always call me sister Rose, so when we looked up Rose online, we found out that if we spelled Rose like Roze, it would be Lithuanian, which Ryan is, and we both agreed that we loved it! Having her name picked out has been such a stress relief, another thing down!

I want to give a little shout out to Ryan’s family, particularly his Aunt Charlotte and his mom for throwing us a baby shower. It was a perfect day, and we could not be more blessed, so thank you. Also, a shout out to Ryan’s Aunt Jolene, who has given us all her newborn clothes from her daughters that they will no longer need. It has been a blessing, and we truly appreciate it and could not thank you enough!

Well, thanks for tuning in this week! Let me know if you like reading these or would like me to mix it up and do a video instead. Hopefully, I will not slack off, and I will be back next week. Here is a photo of me at 31 weeks! Toodles!

31 weeks

Love you all!


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