Mother’s Day

Good Evening!

I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day! Whether you are a mother of any kind, or you helped celebrate your own mother, it was truly a nice day to celebrate moms. For me, I am a mom to be and I can not wait to actually be a mom for the first time. This has literally been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and played house with my friends and family. Or even playing Sims on the computer and trying to have as many kids as possible and raise them all, haha. This experience so far is still so surreal to me, like I can honestly not believe that I will become a mom in 3 months!! I have all the feels, happy, excited, nervous, anxious, and if I am even capable. I know there will be good days and bad, but to just remember they are gods creations and we are stronger than we think!

As for the two moms in my life, my mom Susan, and my mother in law Carrie thank you! I would not be put into this dream of mine if it wasn’t for the two of you. Mom, you have been there for me, always, and I can not thank you enough. You have taught me all I know, and I can not wait to put what I have learned from you towards my little lady. I can not wait to see how much she resembles us, so hopefully, she gets our blue eyes and hair, haha. Momma Carrie, thank you for having and raising Ryan into the young man he has become today! Hopefully, Ryan takes on your trait of raising little kids because I literally hear how great you are with children all the time! I can not wait for both of you to meet your first granddaughter! It will definitely be a special time in all of our lives!

This week of pregnancy for me has become a little more challenging at work. Nothing that I can not handle; however, I can definitely start to feel the aches and pains during hour 6 of work. Luckily, we went home two hours early on Wednesday and Friday, which was helpful; however, I can not rely on going home early every week. I only have 8 more weeks of work left, I believe, and it can not come soon enough. How many hours did you work until you went on maternity leave, and did you work all the way up until your due date?! I go on Tuesday for my 28 week check up appointment at a new center, to get acquainted with where I will be delivering our little girl. I am excited but also nervous about switching doctors this late in my pregnancy, but it will be nice to see exactly where I will be delivering. It is crazy to think that I only have three months left, time is going by fast but also going slow.

Thanks again for tuning into another week with me! Also, thank you to all the moms who have impacted this world, we would not be here without you! I hope everyone has a great week, and tune in for week next when I talk about big-ticket items you need to buy for your little one!

Love you!


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  1. Congrats on pregnancy. Check out our blog for moms and moms to be and join our community and conversations. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice you can share with other ladies.


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