Easter Traditions

Hello Peeps!

It is almost Easter, and I wanted to talk about some Easter Traditions I did as a kid and some that I would like to continue on to my kid. First off, my favorite tradition would have to be coloring/dying hard-boiled eggs. I always remember doing that and trying not to get your hands all colored up as well, but then you get halfway thru and realize that it’s not going to work out. I always tried to do fun festive one, like polka dots but then it would not work because the color would run all around, and then look streaky, haha. Or when you think it’s a good idea to put the egg in every color and see what it turns out to be. Till this day, that is one of the traditions I still keep up with every year, so I can not wait to see how it turns out with a little one putting their hands in every color and making messes.

Another one of my favorite Easter traditions we did as a kid, was looking for our Easter baskets that the Easter bunny hid. Along with some plastic eggs, that had little treats inside, sometimes candy or even money! My dad would record us in the morning looking for our Easter baskets, it was always so much fun looking back on those videos. I believe the hardest place the bunny hid my basket was in the ceiling vent, well hidden Easter bunny!! Also, finding the eggs was fun too, there was even a time where we could not find one; however, we ended up finding it like 6 months later, haha! Has that ever happened to anyone else?? We would also go to my grandparents’ house, and all of the dads/uncles/grandfather would go outside and hide a bunch of eggs, and then us cousins would go out there and try to find them all! That was fun because they would also have money inside, and some of the eggs had $5! I can not wait until the Easter bunny comes to our house for our little one!

Just like Christmas, you bake cookies, well on Easter my cousins and I would bake candy eggs!! They were so bad for you but so yummy! We would make coconut, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter favored eggs. When I was little the peanut butter and chocolate ones were my favorites, but now I like them all!! However, since I’ve moved to California, my mother-in-law bakes sugar cookies, and I like to help decorate them into carrots, bunnies, and chicks!! So as for this tradition, I will have to see where I’m living but candy eggs or cookies will be made, or heck maybe I will start a new tradition and make something else!

As for this week updates on my pregnancy, not too much has changed. I did lose a pound, but only because I was extra careful of my calorie intake since apparently I am supposed to only gain three pounds a month. Oh, so Ryan has seen my belly twitch and move do to nugget moving around in there; however, he hasn’t “actually” felt the baby move. Every time Ryan goes to touch my belly, little nugget stops moving, haha. I’m sure one day next week though, he will be able to feel nugget. Also, has anyone else experienced sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy? It’s mainly when I come home from work and I lay down on the bed or couch that it starts to act up. It’s really annoying and uncomfortable. I try to do some stretches, sometimes it helps but not always. Other than that, another week down 16 more to go!!

As always, thank you again for tuning in. I hope everyone has a great Easter this coming Sunday! Please feel free to share any of your favorite Easter Traditions, or ones that you might start now that you have a kid of your own. I look forward to next week where I talk about boy vs girl and what I could be having!

Love you all!


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