Boy or Girl

Hello Friends!!

This week I know I am a little behind; however, I am writing from the plane as Ryan and I are headed to Maryland this week! We are both so excited for this weekend as we have one of my girlfriend’s wedding on Saturday and then we have our gender reveal party on Sunday!! Which we can not wait to finally find out if our little nugget is a boy or a girl. We could have found out around week 16, so for us, we have been waiting for almost 9 weeks now, that is a little more than two months!! However, I know the wait will pay off in the end.

So let’s be honest here shall we, the question that is always asked when you are pregnant is, “do you know the gender of the baby and what do you prefer?!” As the correct response would be, a healthy happy baby, right? Well yes of course, who doesn’t want a happy healthy baby, we all do. So I’m going to be honest and say, I always wanted a girl first then a boy if the cards could fall in my lap correctly, but that may not be the case. I have, however, seen a lot of my friends have baby boys and it has been making me realize that having a boy might not be so bad after all! My reason for preferring a girl first is because I never had a sister growing up and then even Ryan doesn’t have any sisters, so I feel like I just wanted that sister bond and by having a girl; I could possibly have that connection with my daughter if that makes any sense. Then you hear, “mommy’s little boy, and daddies little girl,” so maybe I will have that bond more with a little boy. Whichever little nugget turns out to be, Ryan and I will we thrilled no matter what!

Now I have a question for you guys, what do you think baby nugget is going to be? We always hear a lot of myths about what gender could be based on certain signs. One sign is morning sickness in your first trimester. Now some say you are more than likely having a girl if you had morning sickness because you are producing more hormones with a girl versus having a boy your hormones are lower. Now me personally, I never did vomit and only had morning sickness for about two weeks and that was it! Some people I talked to that had boys were sicker than when they had a girl, so I don’t know about that this sign.

Another sign or myth is when you are carrying a boy you crave more salty and savory treats versus when you are carrying a girl you crave more sweet treats. For me, I always want more sweet things, like ice cream and chocolate; however, I’ve always been the one to want more sweet treats over salty. What about you, did you crave more sweet or salty treats when you were pregnant?

The next myth or fact of having a boy or girl is their heart rate. They say if the baby’s heartbeat is faster than 140 bpm then you are having a girl, and if it is lower than you are having a boy. My little nuggets heartbeat has been steady around 157 bpm, so does that mean I am having a girl? No, it does not, only when you are in labor does that really come into play.

My last and final sign which I have actually heard this a lot recently and that is how the baby is positioned. If the baby is higher up on your stomach than you are carrying a girl, and if you are carrying low than it is a boy. Also, if you are carrying all around than it is more so a girl, and if you are carrying all in front than it is a boy. This sign is not true because everyone is different and carries different. We all start out with different weight and height, some may be more athletic than others or even working out while carrying their baby. So it really varies from person to person; however, out of all of the signs to me personally, I believe this one to be most accurate or closest to being accurate from past pregnancies that I have seen.

Anyways, this past week of pregnancy has been a little more uncomfortable for me. Between my sciatic nerve acting up and round ligament pain, or what I think could be round ligament pain, it has been a rough week. I am however not experiencing as much pain in the front this week, so that has been a plus. I have been trying to take it easy at work and rest when I can. Also this week, I actually look pregnant, instead of just being “fat” which has been nice! Ryan has also felt the baby move around this week, but still pretty faint nothing too crazy yet. I am in my sixth month of pregnancy so only about three more to go!

Oh! I hope everyone had a great Easter! Ryan and I went to his Aunts house and it was nice to see his family and just relax. I can not wait to share with all of you this weekend if we are having a boy or girl, so please for fun, let me know what YOU think we are having!! I hope you all have a great week!

Love You!


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  1. Girl! But it’ll probably be a boy because Grammy thinks so. Grammy is usually pretty spot on about these things


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