Where are you Teagan?!

Hello Friends and Family!

So my due date has come and gone. Yesterday, was the day and she is comfortable being inside me still. Meanwhile, dad and I are ready for her to make her appearance. So hopefully, any day now would be great. I’m becoming more and more uncomfortable. Sleeping has finally become a problem for me in this pregnancy, which I suppose I should be grateful thus far. However, I know it’s my body trying to prepare for the little one and all of her fun shenanigans she will have during the night. My best periods of sleep are during the day, but I have been trying not to nap because then I do sleep slightly better at night. I think the only other complaint would be the pressure. Standing from sitting is always rough, sometimes even sitting sucks, so I will just lay down, which turns into a nap. Other than that, I feel fine, just anxiously waiting for her to make her debut.
Ryan and I went to the doctors today for an appointment. It went well, I am 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and something about -3 with the head. I am not quite sure if I remembered that correctly, and what it is exactly, but yeah so at least I am progressing, just very slowly. While the midwife was checking my cervix, she completed a membrane sweep, which helps softens the cervix and hopefully moves things along. I do have an induction date if I do not go into natural labor, and that is next Friday, but I am hoping she will come on her own! I asked the midwife what she thought, and she honestly thinks I will go into labor naturally before next Friday, so I am hoping she is right!
My parents fly out next Saturday, so I hoping Teagan comes before next Friday, so I have time to come home and adjust a little. Even though it would be nice to have my parents be there or almost be there for the birth of their first grandchild, I think they would rather her be here for a little before they come out to visit though, so we shall see.
Ryan and I will let everyone know when she finally makes her debut. We appreciate everyone so far who has reached out to see how I am doing, and if shes here yet. We are all anxiously waiting, but couldn’t be more excited. For fun, when does everyone think Teagan will make her appearance?!

I send my love to all!


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