2 weeks left!

Hello Hello!!

So yesterday, I was writing this blog, and I was almost finished when I hit a wrong button somehow, and the whole blog was deleted. I was so sad because during the process it will say like “saved” in the corner, but I guess it was not saved at all. So I took the day off and said, I will rewrite it tomorrow. Now here we are, I went to the doctors today for my 38-week appointment. For some reason, I thought the midwife would check to see if I was dilated at all, but she did not. However, the midwife saw no complications between Teagan and I. My blood pressure was perfect, and Teagans heart rate was 150, which is normal. Other than that, the appointment was quick and easy. I did ask about a breast pump, and she said they do give us one in the hospital for free, but most people would recommend getting a better brand. I will see how it goes, but Ryan and I have been looking at the Willow Breast Pump because it is a cord-free pump and seems like it would be the easiest to use, without all of those cords everywhere. While I was at the hospital, I went to the medical release form spot to try and get my state disability pay situated. You would think they would make this whole process, of getting paid while on maternity leave a lot easier but they don’t. However, I believe I finally figured it out, so crossing my fingers!

In other news, I have been on maternity leave now for two weeks, and it has been so great. Last week, I was able to do a lot of cleaning, even though it feels like it needs to be cleaned again, haha. I went through all of Teagans new clothes and was able to wash them all and put them in her dresser drawer. We even picked out her coming home outfit with the help of Ryans dad. However, they think she will be coming home in a preemie outfit, whereas, I think she will be on the bigger side and be able to fit into a newborn outfit. So I have both sizes prepared, and will let you know what the outcome is. I haven’t packed our hospital bag yet, but I do have everything besides travel-sized toothbrushes, which I will get soon, and then I can start packing. I’ve been trying to stay active as much as I can by doing some low impact cardio workouts and yoga. Plus walking the dog around the neighborhood, and walking up and down our three flights of stairs, which is very tiring, but well worth the brownie or ice cream cravings that I cave into almost every night, haha! Let’s be honest though even before I was pregnant, I would want some type of dessert.

All in all, Ryan and I are both anxious and excited to meet our little girl, hopefully, sooner rather than later, but technically we still have two more weeks until her due date. Ryan’s last day of work is August 2nd, and that is when he predicts she will be here, which I will be perfectly fine with that option! We will both keep you all updated on the progress when/if she makes her big debut. Hopefully, the next blog I do, she will be here! Keeping all of the fingers crossed!

Until next time, my lovelies. 🙂


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