It’s a GIRL!!

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope everyone had a good week/weekend!! I’m sorry this is blog post is a week behind, Ryan and I wanted to make a video of last weeks gender reveal party and he finally finished it today! Hopefully, you guys like the video and we can do more. I am going to keep my words short on this week’s blog since we have a video; however, I will tell you a little bit about my week and how surprised I actually was when the reveal showed pink!

This week I am 25/26 weeks pregnant, and not too much to report. Still pretty bad sciatic nerve issues, I’ve been trying to stretch it out but it doesn’t really seem to be helping. So any advice for the pain would be appreciated. Also, this week I actually feel and look more pregnant, finally! I might have said this last week but even people at work have said, “You really look more pregnant and beautiful!” I’m not sure if it is the maternity clothes that help or just the fact that I am six and a half months pregnant, haha. Oh, I took my first glucose test, and my results came back at 139 mg, and if it’s above 140 mg the doctors recommend to take the second round of glucose testing, so I am not sure if I will have to or not since I am borderline. Was anyone else borderline with their first glucose test?! Anyways, I am happy to be another week closer to my due date!

Hopefully, I can make this a quick version of how I thought my brother ruined the surprise for me, haha. So we went to dinner Friday night with my family, and my brother was talking about how he was going to take “him” out on a ride on the four wheeler, and I turned and looked at him, like “he” and my brother had a straight ass face like oh shoot, I just gave away the gender of the baby. I was sitting there like, “are you serious?!” We had two more days until the reveal and now it’s ruined, and the worst/funny part about it was my parents played along with the whole thing. So I thought for sure it was going to be a boy! When the time finally came to show the reveal, and my brother blew the pink smoke, I was still just waiting for the blue smoke to come and it never did!! It literally took me a good minute to realize that we were actually having a little girl!! I was so thrilled, I starting crying. Ryan, on the other hand, was shocked too, but excited too!! I know he will make a great dad to his little girl, and I can not wait to see it happen!

I want to thank everyone for coming out, it really made Ryan and I feel so blessed to have our friends and family there to witness that precious moment in our lives. We could not be more appreciative for all of you, especially to my mom, dad, and brother for putting together a lovely party for us! I hope you all enjoy the video and look forward to next weeks blog.

Love You All


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