The Do’s and Don’ts

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This week I want to talk about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. It’s so crazy to think that there are so many things you should not do while pregnant. The obvious ones are no alcohol, smoking, watching your caffeine intake, hot tubs/saunas and no roller coasters. Then there are ones like no deli meat/hot dogs, which is understandable since those are so processed. Also, its crazy because once you can’t have something, all I want is to eat a turkey and cheese sandwich and a glass of wine, but nope. Some may know this but no cleaning of the litter box, which lucky for me we don’t own a cat, maybe someday we will though. However, my least favorite one to abide by is taking a hot shower, but I’ll get into that a little later. Let’s talk about some of the do’s of pregnancy.

There are actually plenty more don’ts of pregnancy but some of my favorites that you should do during pregnancy is SLEEP, lots and lots of sleep! Which I already probably get too much sleep as it is, like I rather stay home and rest then to go out with friends; I know, call me crazy or old whichever you want, but yeah especially taking a nap with my pup like sign me up. However, once you get into the second trimester, they advise you to no longer sleep on your stomach or back, so basically pick a side that is more comfortable, but the left side is the best side to sleep on. So since that has been into effect all I want to do is sleep on my back, its when I can get the most comfortable, so that has been a little annoying. Also, I need to get all the sleep I can because we all know once the baby is born, no more sleep. Another one of my favorites is being able to eat what I want; for example, not feeling guilty because I want two scoops of ice cream every night or a soda with my In N Out burger. However, eating for two is not a thing, so do not over eat, and you should be eating like you are on a diet; like who knew. Although it makes total sense because you want to feed your body so the baby can get the best nutrition for growing and developing. Which brings me to my next do of pregnancy and that is to take a prenatal vitamin every morning. On a side note, if you are planning/trying to have a baby it is best to start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you know because it will helps prepare for that little one. You should be active during your pregnancy, which also lucky for me I am on my feet all day at work so that helps me. The doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of a brisk walk everyday. So as of now, I’ve been relatively healthy throughout my pregnancy.

Now, let me get back to taking hot showers. I understand not being in a hot tub/saunas or even just taking a hot bath, but a hot shower, especially since most of my pregnancy has been in the winter so far. All I want to do when I get home from work is to take a hot shower, so this is one of my only do nots of pregnancy, that I actually do. Call me a bad mom or whatever, but I just can not help it. However, I am not in the shower for no longer than 5-10 minutes anyways because I only wash my hair like two maybe three times a week; I am just cleaning my body, so no need to be in there for that long. Anyways, I try my hardest to not have the water to TOO hot to wear my skin turns red, but I do have a little guilt about it. Has anyone else experienced a do not of pregnancy that you just couldn’t do?

This past week, I am on 21 weeks of pregnancy, so five months, and I have had a huge increase of appetite. Although when I stepped on the scale on Sunday, which is my typical weigh in day of the week, and I didn’t gain a thing! I am happily surprised because I felt like I was eating more but I suppose I maintained. Another thing that has happened this week, is more people are noticing my little baby bump. Some people at work still didn’t know, and they asked me if I was and I said Yep! Other people at work have been starting to touch my belly, which I heard was a thing; however, its fine if you are close to me but damn I hope no stranger does that. Also this week, I have been able to feel little nugget moving around a lot more which is nice to know they are alive and kicking. Other than that nothing too major happening this week.

Well this continues another week of my pregnancy, hopefully you can relate with me or just learn new things about me or being pregnant in general. I want to thank all of you for reading my journey along side with me and a special thanks to my father in law, Jim, aka Gramps, for following me and taking the time to read my blog, it truly means a lot to me, so thank you!

Love You All!



    1. That was a very nice message I hope you continue to do well and take good care of yourself we all love you very much and look forward to seeing you soon


  1. I never heard that about the shower. No baths but that’s all I’ve ever been told. I think you’ll be perfectly fine.. I took plenty of hot showers with teddy and he’s not too messed up lol 😉


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