20 Weeks

Hello and Welcome!!

First, I want to thank you for even making it thus far! I am completely new to blogging and I have no experience, but I thought it maybe a fun way to express how I am feeling, my opinions or views throughout my pregnancy, life and adulthood. I am no where near a perfect writer and will probably mess up and make grammar mistakes but that’s okay because I will only get better, hopefully. Also, I am going to be completely honest and transparent on how I feel and expectantly you can share and relate with me in some way. But enough about all of that; lets dive in about how my pregnancy has been the last 20 weeks!

So most people maybe wondering if this was planned or how long it took us to get pregnant, and well for me it wasn’t necessarily planned but it wasn’t no accident either. If anyone of you know actually know me; I’ve always wanted to be a mother more than anything else in this world, so finding out that I was actually going to be a mom was like “HOLY COW, my dreams are finally coming true!” I was literally over the moon, it was only our second month of “actually trying” to become pregnant. It was like the universe was on my side for once and knew I was destined to be a mom.

So fast forward through my first trimester, I had NO vomiting (thankfully), a little bit of nausea during week 6-8 but nothing too dramatic. I did however pass out during week 8, thankfully I was home in Maryland visiting my parents and they were there for me. My blood sugar levels were just low because it was the afternoon and I didn’t drink or eat anything up until then, so I’ve made sure I always start the day with something in my stomach. Also, during week 8 was my first trip to the doctors and heard the heartbeat for the first time. Now that was emotional because up until that point, yes I got a positive result back on my pee test but that was the moment that was like “YEP I’M PREGNANT, this is actually happening!” Then week 12 we had our first actual sonogram which was really cool seeing the baby grow from a little poppy seed to a nugget (which is my nickname for my little one). So far so good, me and baby are healthy. The other symptoms I had was fatigue of course, working 50 hrs was very tiring but at least I was moving and being active. Tenderness of the breasts and I notice my hair not falling out as much, which is a plus! Oh, and I used to love ground beef, and now not so much. Hopefully that will change after pregnancy though because Ryan loves ground beef more than any other meat, sorry babe. Overall, first trimester wasn’t too bad for me!

Once I entered into second trimester; I was feeling a little less tired, went down 40-48 hours a week at work so that was helpful. Trying to eat healthy and consistently every 3 hours. Ground beef is still on the no list; however, I will eat it sometimes to make Ryan happy, but definitely not for leftovers. At week 16, I had a check up with my doctor, heard the heartbeat and saw the little nugget moving around. My blood test and genetic screening all look great; doctor says the baby and me are healthy. At this point in my pregnancy, I’ve probably only gained about 4 pounds which is great for me because I can put on weight really fast. Also, for some of you that don’t know once you get into your second trimester, the recommended weight gain is about a pound a week, give or take. Since I was already on the “heavier” side, I should gain about a half a pound a week. I’m going to say around week 17 is when I started to notice a little belly, but nothing major yet since I already had some fat in that region. Other symptoms that occurred is headaches, so I have been trying to drink more water consistently and eating. Little bit of dizziness if I get up too fast from sitting but nothing major. Of course the backaches, mainly my sciatic nerve; which I have been trying to do some stretches which seem to help from time to time. The good ole bloating and gas, which there is nothing fun about it. A stuffy nose from time to time; it just seems like allergies really. Oh, and I will have constipation sometimes; however, if I eat blueberries in the morning consistently I will have no problem with that. The only other symptom I have is frequent urination, and let me tell you; this is my biggest and most annoying symptom ever. I can’t wait for it to get worse as the time go, (said no one ever) nonetheless, it’s still awful right now. There are times where I will go to the bathroom and no joke like 5 minutes later I feel like I have to go again. Trying to hold it has become harder even though I know you are not suppose to hold your bladder, but when you are working on the production line, it is very hard to leave and go all the time. Other than those symptoms, my pregnancy thus far has been pretty easy, I’d say, and I have been very thankful and blessed that it’s been this way.

Week 19 is typically the week you can find out the gender of the baby; however, we are keeping it a surprise, except from my mom, dad, and brother who are doing a gender reveal for us in late April. It was very hard to not peak when the doctor was going over that region of the baby, but I know it will be even more exciting to wait and be surprised. At this appointment, little nugget weighed in at 11 ounces, which is normal and healthy. Heartbeat was at 157 and everything else seemed to be developing as it should. At this weigh in I was 156, which is also right on track. This was a big week for me because it was the first time I was able to feel nugget moving around. It was little but so sweet, and I can’t wait until Ryan will be able to feel the little one move around.

This week (20), I made it to the halfway point!!! I finally feel like I start to have more of a baby bump then a food baby. Still little, but more noticeable now especially if I am wearing maternity pants. I put on my normal jeans that I normally wear and they are starting to become a little snug for my liking, I suppose I will have to start switching to leggings or yoga pants soon. Also, Oakley my dog, has been more cuddly. It’s almost like he knows that I am pregnant, it’s so sweet and cute! Has this happened to anyone else before?! Side note, dogs are like the best thing ever!

Ok, Ok I know I rambled on a bit this first blog, and if you made it this far I truly appreciate it! I tried to keep it as minimum as possible, but it was just so hard, there was a lot of information and I’m sure a lot that I didn’t even cover or forget to mention. I promise my next ones will be shorter! Thanks for tuning in, hope to hear from you and your opinions, views, or agreements.

Love You All.



  1. I was just reading yesterday that pets (mainly dogs) definitely can sense that you’re pregnant. Something about the smell, idk. Oakley totally knew!


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